Tengzhou yuan spice co., LTD is specializing in the production of heterocyclic synthesis flavors of major manufacturers,Rui yuan tongren outstanding consumption level for more than ten years production history and experience of heterocyclic spice,Gives rui yuan flavor with the masses of customers at home and abroad。
    Rui yuan company covers an area of40000Square meters of production plants,Including minus one baidu low temperature reaction、Efficient distillation separation plant, all kinds of production methods,Ensure the quality of products in accordance with the international food safety standard to control,The product development department, led by chemist continuously introduce customer satisfaction of new varieties。Rui yuan company existing heterocyclic spices200More than,Capable of producing furan ketone150Tons、2-Acetyl pyridine100Tons、Sulphur thiazole60Tons、2-Methyl groups-3-Thiol furan15Tons、2-Acetyl thiazole5Tons of production capacity。Rui yuan has become a can provides the high quality large quantities of pyrazine、Thiazole、Furan、Pyrrole、Pyridine、Sulfur series synthetic spices such as production base。

  Tengzhou yuan spice co., LTD
Address: Su biomedicine industry park in shandong province wei avenue68Number
The phone: 0632-5953999 5953399 
Fax: 0632-5953299
E-mail: sales@teqiuwang.cn
Url: www.teqiuwang.cn
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